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The Whole Bod - All our products

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 It's like our Big Bod Sauce Pack but only bigger.  Is it the Biggest Bod?  Only time will tell, but click add to cart to bring home all we currently make and create flavorful meals for any palate!


Includes one bottle of each:

  • The Hottest Bod - Reaper and Scorpion Hot Sauce
  • Spooky Garlic - Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
  • Big Bayou - Cajun Hot Sauce
  • One Hot Mary - Habanero Bloody Mary Mix
  • Mary Had a Little Ham - Bacon Bloody Mary Mix
  • Barn Burner - Savory BBQ Sauce


Spices and smoke from the mildest to the hottest. Check out the individual product pages to see the ingredients for each item.

This package is sure to satisfy everyone with varying degrees of heat and loads of flavor.

Shipping & Returns

There will be a truck, at least one, maybe a plane too...a boat? Probably not a boat, but never say never.

We just know the stamps go on and those fine people in the delivery outfits get the sauce where it needs to go.

Gotta return something? Being a food product we don't accept returns, but if you are not satisfied head to the contact page and see if we can help.


3 - 5 Fl oz glass bottles of hot sauce

2 - 25 Fl Oz (750mL) plastic bottles of Bloody Mary Mix

How to Use

Place in drinks, salsas, chili, soup starters, marinade, queso, on tacos, in enchiladas or anything else. Even ice cream if that is your thing.

Do not waste your taste buds on bland food.

Cant decide?

Get all we offer with the Whole Bod. Don't miss out on a package deal and save some coin by purchasing these together.

The Whole Bod - Buy Here
  • Free Shipping

    Those delivery folks deserve our coin too, but order enough of these fine sauces and it will head to your door on our dime.

    Free shipping in continental United States on orders of $30 or more.

  • Hassle-Free Exchanges

    Although we can't accept returns for food products we want to make sure your taste buds are the happiest they can be.

    If you have an issue with our product let us know so we can make it right. No worries man.