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Dad Bod Pepper Company

Low Fire Cowboy Powder

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Cowboy powder isn't your average garlic salt, and even calling it garlic salt is likely an insult to the flavors that will overtake your palate.  Made from roasted garlic, Himalayan salt, smoked paprika, onions, and smoked chili peppers, this is the sort of flavor you want on your grilled meats, soups, chowders, and dips. 

It may even go on everything under the sun.  I can't think of many foods garlic doesnt make better.

So about the name.  Did Cowboys use it?  Well...maybe, let me call a few people in the great state of Texas and I will get back to on that.  

If you ask me, I'd say, quit critiquing and get eaten. 


Garlic...garlic....and...more... GARLIC.

Seriously though. This has Garlic, Himalayan salt, onion powder, paprika and smoked peppers.

We <3 garlic

Shipping & Returns

It won't make you ride a horse like a pro, or lasso a steer before it falls into a gulch.

Lets get those expectations set properly right off the bat.

No returns on opened food items. Give us a shout if you are not satisfied.


2.5 oz

=/- 12 million grains of seasoning

How to Use

Apply generously on any* food item that you want to enhance the taste of.

It's like a rodeo in your mouth.

*Just because the internet tells you to do something, you shouldn't always do the thing.

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Great on everything!

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