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Dad Bod Pepper Company

Fresh Hot Peppers

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Fresh-picked hot peppers for sale.
.75lbs or more.
May include:
Peppa peach
Red ripple
Peach ripple
Chocolate habanero
Chocolate ripple
Peruvian Creole
Carolina reaper
Blood ghost
purple massacre
Pink minion
It will be a random mix of the above peppers, most are 1 Million SCU or over.


Fresh Hot peppers. The heat ranges from 50,000 SCU to 2.5M SCU.

Shipping & Returns

Sorry! No returns on fresh produce, but if you have issues let us know.


Various sizes, various shapes. Variety is the SPICE of life!

How to Use

Very...very...carefully. This is our disclaimer. Use at your own risk. Some of these peppers are extremally spicy and should be handled with care.

Use gloves when cutting them open and immediately wash with dish soap afterwards.

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