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Dad Bod Pepper Company

Dad Bod dad hat - Gray with Yellow

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Let everyone know you have the Hottest Bod with the Hottest Bod Dad Bod dad hat... Go ahead say that three times fast.

Then order the hat because you know it's true. 😁


This is made with love, by someone, somewhere. It probably has cotton in it also, please don't but if you are allergic to fabrics.

Shipping & Returns

Now these you can return unlike the sauces.

All you need to do is submit, in writing a 500 word essay on why you don't want to be cool.

Just kidding, hit up the contact page if you need to return any apparel.


Small- XXL and a one size fits all hat.

I know, we should only carry sizes that match our luxurious Dad Bod, but we didn't think it was fair to deprive everyone else of these fine textiles.

How to Use

*Looks around*.....I'm not sure what you expected to see here, but I hope everyone knows what to do with a shirt and hat.

Customer Reviews

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Sweet dad swag

This hat fits great and I wear it almost everywhere! I definitely recommend picking one up with an order of delicious hot sauce.

Cant decide?

Get all we offer with the Whole Bod. Don't miss out on a package deal and save some coin by purchasing these together.

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    Although we can't accept returns for food products we want to make sure your taste buds are the happiest they can be.

    If you have an issue with our product let us know so we can make it right. No worries man.